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A warm welcome to 'Speaking Sermons'.
Why a sermon-base? Because sermons can be very sound! They speak about God, about His meaning with us, about His promises to us, in short about the meaning of life. And definitely not in a vague manner. No, answers are given. What is nicer than to gain knowledge about this God who loved us, before you and I even existed?
There is a lot of choice, but most sermons are in Dutch and Portuguese, some in English and a few in German and French. You may use these sermons to read, to grow in your (starting) relationship with God. For this purpose you may print them. Which is in this case maybe the handiest thing to do and more pleasureable to read. Use them for instance as preparatory studymaterial, when you are about to study the bible, by yourself or in a group.

Neem je tijd voor God.