Summary to the sermon The Lord protects His children through His angel servants

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The Lord protects His children through His servants
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Genesis 28: 12-15
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Genesis 27: 41 - 28: 22
John 1: 35-52
Matthew 18: 1-11
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Rev. H. Drost (minister reformed church -liberated- at Houten)
Ds. H. Drost (predikant gereformeerde kerk vrijgem. Houten)

Rev. H. Drost
Samenvatting bij de preek De Here beschermt Zijn kinderen door Zijn knechten

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Originally delivered in Dutch at Haren, Assen, Kantens

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In the history of the church of Christ it has happened before that angels protected the children of God. Angels are God's servants and are sent to watch over His children. That is what the bible says, and that is what I'm preaching.

The Lord protects His children through His angel servants

We can see that in the lives of

1. Jacob, God's chosen one

When God has chosen someone, His spirit teaches you that everything is God's work. He teaches us to become small. We see that in the life of Jacob. He has to flee for his brother Esau. That night in Bethel, something happens that the Lord Jesus later describes as 'I tell you that their angels in heaven- these are the angels of the small ones- continually see the face of my father who is in heaven.'

Jacob sees in his dream a connection between heaven and earth. God will make true what He has promised: "I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go, and I will bring you back to this land. I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you." He sends a road patrol with him: God's angels. Why did God promise all this to this Jacob? Because God wants to pave the way through him to the Lord Jesus Christ, the great son of Abraham through whom God wants to bless the whole world.

2. Jesus, God's son

Jesus says that the disciples shall see 'angels ascending and descending on the Son of men.' Referring to the event in Bethel the Lord Jesus says that there will always be contact between heaven and Him. Jesus calls himself "the son of men". He became one of us. Would He be able to help us then? Yes He would, because especially for Him heaven has opened and billions of angels are ready to serve Him. Also in His suffering for us Christ is now, after His sufferings, the Messiah whose throne is in heaven. On earth, angels were His support, now they are His army. He is Lord of the heavenly armies.

3. The small ones, God's church

Angels look after us. That's the lesson from God's word. Think about Elisa's servant. Elisa says: 'Don't be afraid, those who are with us are more than those who are with them.' There is a heavenly army. And they surround us as a shield.

God's road patrol goes with us. When there is a threat from the side of evil angels, God's angels surround us. When I worry, they bring my worries to the Father above. And when my time on earth is over, they will come and take me home. I will go to my Father when I die.

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